The radiance in your eyes

What saves us from nothingness?
Julián CarrónFraternity of Communion and Liberation 2020
​Кол-во страниц: 154

In this book, Julián Carrón, the president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, reflects on this dizzying time in which nothingness looms so powerfully over everyone’s life, making us doubt whether life is positive and question the ultimate substance of reality, leading us to feel that all is in vain, even our own lives. Paradoxically, this context also reveals how unbearable it is to live without meaning and brings to light our indestructible desire to love and be loved. This book offers a powerful look at present events and at our insuffcient attempts to survive in the midst of distraction and forgetfulness. Carrón writes of the search for an answer that meets the challenge: a “You” who hears the cry of our humanity, reawakening love for ourselves and our lives. He describes an encounter with a living Christian community that makes the journey together fascinating and recounts testimonies of a faith that enters into present experience, generating new knowledge and affection, a faith capable of valorizing all the true, beautiful, and good things it encounters along the road.