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Образование, культура, общество

Italian Association of the Cultural Centers.

Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem-Terra de São Paulo (ATST-SP)
Cleuza and Marcos Zerbini’s movement, born in the 1980s for social purposes, assisted until today more than 70,000 young Brazilians. The founders entrusted the Association to Father Julián Carrón on February 24, 2008, aiming at following Father Giussani’s charism.

Cilla Association
The Cilla Association was formed as an attempt to respond with solidarity to those who live the problem of their own illness or that of a family member in solitude, far away from home. Over time a vast network of solidarity has developed in Italy and abroad, which takes concrete form in the establishment of “hospitality centers” in hospital centers and of “Hospitality Houses,” where human companionship is offered through help in facing the most elementary daily needs.

Associazione Curiosità e Desiderio
The Associazione Curiosità e Desiderio [Curiosity and Desire Association] is a not-for-profit reality that organizes and promotes the Happening Pavese dei Giovani, [Pavia Youth Happening], proposing each year a program rich with moments for both adults and young ones.

Euresis Association
The Euresis Association derives from the discovery that the content, method, and gaze upon reality implicated in the experience of scientific knowledge profoundly have to do with the human subject who is its protagonist.
The objective of the Association is to promote initiatives to deepen the value and beauty of scientific work, and to develop its cultural and expressive potential, for its greater enjoyment and greater common usefulness. “We were looking for a name that would express man’s desire to know. Rather than focusing on the search, we wanted to underline the finding (enuresis) because research serves to find, not for permanent doubt. What counts is not so much the individual discoveries, as the human activity of finding” (A.F., 1985).

Associazione Fraternità
Associazione Fraternità: established in 1984, it obtained legal recognition from the Region of Lombardy in 1985. It operates in the field of social work and assistance, and in particular the assistance, education, and training of families, with special attention to children in the formative years. President of the association is Fr Mauro Inzoli.

Associazione Giovanni Testori
From 1998, Associazione Testori aims at promoting Giovanni Testori’s work and the study of his texts (a Catholic writer who went against the trend, 1923-1993). On the website, continuously updated, you can find: many thematic sections with unpublished material (texts, audio, photos, video); laboratories for teachers; the titles of all the dissertations regarding Testori; and several news about events connected with him.

Associazione Incontro e Presenza
Associazione Incontro e Presenza (the Encounter and Presence Association) founded in Milan in 1986, is based on the vision of the then-City Councilmember Mirella Bocchini. Its activity is directed to helping convicts and ex-convicts re-enter the world of work and society. The encounter between volunteer and prisoner is the occasion for a relationship in which each person engages her or his identity, dignity, and heart, and gives rise to a companionship that can last for years, attentive to all desires, and striving to answer all possible needs

Associazione Linea Tempo
Associazione Linea Tempo was born in 1997 from the ideal meeting of scholars and middle school and high school teachers aiming at giving value to the dimension of history, understood as the purpose of a cultural research able to lively connect with our humanistic tradition; at the same time, it has the purpose to understand and critically revise contemporaneity phenomena.
The Association promotes refresher courses, meetings, and cultural events; it also publishes an online magazine, LINEATEMPOnline, currently by-monthly.

Associazione Rivela
The Associazione Rivela [Rivela Association], a not-for-profit entity established in 2002 to offer traveling exhibits in the Veneto Region on historical, artistic, and social themes (among others, the exhibits prepared for the Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples of Rimini), also seeks to valorize the cultural and religious meaning of local events. It involves volunteers who take on responsibility for organizing the exhibits, and supports them in problems related to installation, advertising, transportation of material, and formation of guides.

Augustinus is the website devoted to the life, writings, sainthood, thought, and modernity of St Augustine. Created for Nuova Biblioteca Agostiniana and Città Nuova Editrice, it enables the visitor to consult the Opera Omnia, also with the aid of a search engine.

AVSI (Association of Volunteers for International Service) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization engaged in international projects of aid to development. It is present in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Among the links provided are: AVSI press (update and archive of the periodical Buonenotizie), the Christmas Tents, long-distance adoptions, and other links active in the field of solidarity (UN, UNICEF, the weekly Vita).

Banco Alimentare
Banco Alimentare is a not-for-profit organization specializing in the collection and free distribution of food. Every year it helps thousands of needy people and facilitates the stock reduction of companies with excess supplies. The site contains a map of the Food Bank locations throughout Italy; articles, annual reports, the newsletter PocheParole, and the results of the annual National Collections.

Banco Farmaceutico
The Pharmaceutical Bank is a not-for-profit organization founded in December 2000 to supply over-the-counter medicines free of charge to hundreds of associations assisting thousands of poor people. Every year on the second Saturday of February, a collection of medicines is held in pharmacies, under the initiative entitled “Give a medicine to those who need it.”
Banco Farmaceutico is currently present in almost all the Italian provinces.

Bologna rifà scuola
Bologna remakes school
The “Bologna rifà scuola” project, promoted by the Bologna chapter of the Companionship of Works, the Oppizzoni Foundation, and the “Pelican” Social Cooperative, was created to raise consciousness in the city of Bologna, and particularly in its business world, about education of new generations as an indispensable premise for assuring the prosperity and quality of life of the entire community.

Biblioteca dello Spirito
The Cultural Center “Biblioteca dello Spirito [Library of the Spirit]” was born in 1993 in Moscow as a meeting place between the Eastern and Western spiritual and cultural traditions, as an expression of the synergy of some European cultural institutions: the Foundation Russia Cristiana, the then Apostolic Administration of Moscow, and a prestigious Orthodox body, the International Training Centre of the Christian Saints Cyril and Methodius in Minsk.

Cara Beltà - Associazione culturale in Varigotti
(Dear Beauty – Cultural Association in Varigotti) Beginning in the 1950s, in order to educate his students to the love of Beauty, Fr. Giussani used to bring them to Varigotti, by the sea. The Cara Beltà Association, named after the first line of Leopardi’s famous poem that Giussani loved to recite during his lessons at school, seeks to deepen this education to true Beauty.

Cara beltà
This website is dedicated to beauty, which is “dear,” as Leopardi calls it (“dear beauty”), because it rouses our affection: the Truth attracts us offering itself as beautiful. We propose, without any claim of completeness, Proponiamo senza alcuna pretesa di completezza alcune riletture di autori e opere nel campo letterario, artistico e musicale.

Centro Culturale di Milano
Founded in 1981, the cMc received on December 7, 2000 the Ambrogino d’Oro, an award given by the City of Milan, for its twenty years of activity. It has organized events and meetings with the participation of writers, artists, politicians, and Nobel Prize winners from Italy and abroad. The site contains an archive, press file, and an up-to-date program of upcoming events.

Centro Culturale di Lugano (Lugano Cultural Center)
Where does a culture originate? It can be born only from gusto for life. The gusto for life is the echo of knowledge and affection determined by a precise concept of existence, a precise judgment about the value of life, a lived judgment, anyway. Culture is simply the critical and systematic development of this gusto for life.

The Charles Péguy Cultural Center in Stresa
Proposes initiatives, meetings, exhibitions, and everything useful for witnessing the faith. As Charles Péguy himself did one hundred years ago, the Cultural Center intends to give a contribution for defeating apathy and habit. It is located inside the Rosminian International Study Center and for some years now has promoted a cycle of meetings recognized as a course of in-service training for teachers.

Centro studi per la cultura popolare
This Center for the Study of the Folk Culture was born in 1986; it operates mainly in the Regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, but sometimes it covers the whole European continent in its investigation. Purpose of the association is the study and research of sacred expressions in the various cultural and human environments: figurative, architectonic, musical, ritual, literary, and social.

Claudio Chieffo, singer-songwriter
Claudio Chieffo is the first, in chronological order, among the Italian Catholic singer-songwriters; he is unanimously acknowledged as one of the founders of this music, with a long story and a rich creativity. This website comprises his story and his entire discography.

Cometa is a work oriented to the education and support of minors and their families. Beginning with the educative experience of several families, this constantly growing reality has made hospitality, education, and sharing daily life the guiding principles of their work.

Company of Works
In light of the Social Doctrine of the Church, the association stands with many entrepreneurs and professionals who want to tackle economic, social, and cultural challenges in a constructive and innovative way. This active friendship, which relies on the sense of responsibility and on the desire to contribute to the common good which characterize each person, takes the form of various for-profit and not-for-profit initiatives. Among them, Matching, an event that fosters relations between entrepreneurs and supports a change in the enterprises; Scuola d’Impresa [Business School], which aims at rediscovering the true meaning of work and at giving the right value to the business assets; Expandere, a network which offers meeting and business opportunities among local businesses; a support to the work, to social and educational works, and to services for internationalization, with business missions abroad and a permanent presence in 18 countries.

Crossroads Cultural Center was born in 2004 in New York on the initiative of four friends who felt the desire to propose, within New York varied scenery, the cultural position that was the basis of their experience in the movement of Communion and Liberation.

Cultura cattolica [Catholic Culture]
This website, by the slogan “One thousand themes. One single judgment,” wants to show a faith that becomes culture and makes it possible for a people to be reborn. This is a useful tool for those who work in education.

Cultura cristiana [Christian Culture]
There is a Christian culture that in its essential characteristics is already comprised in the Gospels and doesn’t change with history; however it is continuously called to confront itself with the fortuitous circumstances. This website wants simply to be at the service of such culture.

Cultura nuova [New Culture]
Here you can find suggestions to read philosophical, historical, and religious writings where reason seriously carries out its fundamental task of search for truth and meaning of reality, while at the same time comparing itself open-mindedly with the news of God become Man, which is the only possibility of accomplishment of such task, beyond any imagination or plan.

Education and innovation. Center for training and refresher courses. Established in 1987 as a teachers association, it has a dual aim: shared responsibility for education and professional growth. The site contains many useful links for those who work in the school environment.

DiSAL - Dirigenti Scuole Autonome e Libere [Managers of Private Schools]
Born from teachers belonging to DIESSE who became principals or directors of studies, and from collegues who had various association and union experiences, this Association intends to defend the future of the school managers and to encourage professional solidarity.

Ediciones Encuentro
Ediciones Encuentro is a Spanish publishing house. Its ample catalogue covers art, literature, history, theology, philosophy, economics, and politics. Among the authoritative authors are Ratzinger, Giussani, Andrés-Gallego, Moa, Brown, Undset, and many others.

“Everybody can be educated:” This is the experience of Ca' Edimar in Padua (two houses that welcome teenagers in difficult situations and a professional school to train cook-assistants and bakers) and of a center for help to students with learning disabilities.

Education and Development – EDUS
Education, understood as accompanying an individual toward his own human fulfillment, and development, understood as reciprocal help in making the most of resources, in order to set out on a dignified life.
This non-governmental organization focuses on projects dedicated primarily to small children and young people in countries of Africa, America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. EDUS promotes distance adoptions, has participated in public events and exhibitions, and has been involved in conferences and seminars on topics such as solidarity, peace, and international cooperation. EDUS belongs to AVSI International, a network of associations and non-governmental organizations of European, African, and Latin American countries, which has been operating for 30 years in the areas of cooperation and support for developing countries.

Elsinor is the result of a merger between Fontana Teatro of Milan, Teatro dell’Arca of Forlì, and Cantiere Florida of Florence. While remaining faithful to the social-cultural environment of their origins, the three groups are united by the same approach to the artistic, formative, and educative aspect of the theater.

EncuentroMadrid (Spain)
EncuentroMadrid is a public cultural event organized by the EncuentroMadrid association in the pavilions of Casa de Campo in Madrid, Spain.

Famiglie per l'accoglienza
Famiglie per l'accoglienza [Welcoming Families] is a not-for-profit Association engaged in activities related to welcoming families: adoption and trust of children and teenagers; hospitality towards adults with various existential needs or towards elderly in need of assistance; and hospitality towards foreign kids during summer.

Famiglia Scuola Educazione [Family School Education]
Conceived within the Diocesan Council of Lay Associations in Nuoro, this website aims at encouraging and strengthening the presence of Christians at school, by coordinating and supporting teachers, parents, and educators, whether they belong to Catholic associations or they don’t.

The Federazione Opere Educative (Federation of Educative Works) is an association of non-public schools, formation centers, and educational institutions whose goal is education, formation, and instruction. Formed in 1996, its members in Italy now count 400 associated educative institutions, managed by foundations, cooperatives, scholastic entities, and religious entities. Drawing its inspiration from the Church’s social doctrine and magisterium on education, the FOE fosters cultural, political, and formative engagement in the field of freedom of education, and provides services for the support and development of associated schools, in network or individually.

Fondazione Novella
Born in 2002, it comprises all the works born on the initiative of Novella Scardovi: the San Giuseppe e Santa Rita Association, the Cooperativa Educare Insieme and the Cooperativa Botteghe e Mestieri. It has the role of assisting in the numerous welcoming needs in the country, such as welcoming children, teenagers, and mothers with their children who are living difficult personal or family situations.

Fondazione per la sussidiarietà [Foundation for Subsidiarity]
Established in 2002 on the initiative of Giorgio Vittadini, this Foundation aims at proposing a scientific and cultural investigation and the dissemination of a view on society based on the centrality of the person and on the principle of subsidiarity, with special emphasis on the educational aspects involved.

Fondazione San Giuseppe Moscati
Founded in 1989, this not-for-profit organization located at Via Orti, 27 in Milan manages a modern rest home for up to 69 elderly people, whether self-sufficient or in need of assistance. It includes a specialized outpatient’s clinic equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment.

Il rischio educativo [The Risk of Education]
Cultural Association recognized as credited/qualified entity in the training of school personnel.

ilsussidiario.net is an online magazine, edited by the Foundation for Subsidiarity, which offers daily articles and in-depth comments in order to understand the political, social, cultural, and economic situation in Italy and in the world.

International Meeting Point
Born in 1992 in Kampala, the International Meeting Point helps and sustains the people suffering from HIV in some slums in the capitol city of Uganda, and in particular in the neighborhoods of Naguru and Kireka.

Istituto Sacro Cuore
Istituto Sacro Cuore is a foundation for the training and education of young people. It covers kindergarten, elementary, and middle school and artistic, classical, and scientific high school. ISC aims at educating youth to a knowledge of reality in its manifold aspects, starting from the fundamental premise that reality has a meaning. Among the numerous services offered are: meal service, swimming lessons, music education, tutoring, language courses, and athletic programs.

ITACAlibri is a firm for the production and distribution of cultural instruments: books, compact discs, cassettes, videos, and magazines. The site has an online catalogue (including books translated into various languages) and orders can be placed online, in some cases with special offers. A link is devoted to six Italian magazines “for the changing school:” Documenta, il Quadrangolo, Emmaciquadro, Zetesis, Iniziare, and Lineatempo.

Medicina e persona
Medicina e persona is a free association of health workers (physicians, nurses, technicians, and administrative personnel) set up to defend professionalism in health, understood as a personal, free, and responsible answer to the needs of the person who is ill. Among the links are: the aims of the association, how to join, documents archive, and archive and program of events.

Meeting di Rimini
The Meeting in Rimini is the most attended summer festival of encounters, culture, politics, music, and shows in the world. A search engine makes it easy to find information about the events, exhibitions, shows, and testimony of important historical figures (among them Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Ionesco, Lech Walesa, Giovanni Testori) who have taken part to it in the course of the years.

OPERA d'ARTE is a cooperative born on the initiative of art historians, archeologists, and architects aiming at offering cultural services in figurative arts, architecture, and archeology. Born from the experience of the Associazione Opera d'Arte in Florence, it is active in Milan since 1989. It offers its services to groups, public and private entities, schools, and any reality interested in rediscovering the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe.

Portofranco is a Center devoted to Help Studying. It is designed for high school students, to whom it offers free help in doing their homework and it tutors them to make up bad grades and to deepen their knowledge of their subject matters.

Roberto Filippetti
This is a cultural website edited by Roberto Filippetti. Meeting Beauty in order to Love Reality. Bring an exhibition to your town: touring exhibitions edited by Roberto Filippetti.

Musical editions and recordings. Besides its catalogue of recordings of sacred and early music, pop, folk, and children’s songs, the site offers study tools such as scores, texts, and educational materials. A calendar of concerts and a bulletin board for announcements of interest to music lovers are also present.

Russia Cristiana
Russia Cristiana aims at spreading knowledge of the riches of the spiritual, cultural, and liturgical tradition of Russian Orthodoxy, fostering ecumenical dialogue, and contributing to the Christian mission in Russia. The site contains links to the magazine La Nuova Europa and “La Casa di Matriona” publishing house, valuable bibliographical information, addresses of specialized libraries, information on the iconographic school, Byzantine liturgy, and organized trips to Russia.

Sentieri del cinema
This not-for-profit cultural association was created by a group of film enthusiasts, both amateur and professional: teachers, film journalists, organizers of film forums, and movie theater managers (Cinema Palestrina in Milan). The site offers reviews of coming films, useful information for organizing film forums, and suggestions and ideas for thematic movies.

Sindacato delle Famiglie
Founded in Milan in 1982, it has spread throughout Italy with more than 50,000 families enrolled. It is part of the Forum delle Associazioni Familiari [Forum of Family Associations] established in Rome by the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference).

Teatro degli Incamminati
The Company, founded in Milan in 1983 by a group of theater people, including Emanuele Banterle, with Giovanni Testori as president, offers a repertory ranging from the “Classics” to “Experimental theater and young artists” (Filarmonica Clown and Teatro dell’Artificio), to new drama (Franco Branciaroli).

The William Congdon Foundation
The William Congdon Foundation is the new website dedicated to the famous American artist Bill Congdon. This website not only offers news about the Foundation, but also has a section dedicated to events, a news section, and a Press Area.

Universitas-University is a free association whose purpose is to furnish support to teachers and researchers all over the world who wish to compare notes about the nature and methods of their work and, more generally, about the concept of university. The association, through a network of international relationships, promotes initiatives, exchange of experience, and standing forums on the topics of research and teaching in the university, also with the aim of indicating methods for work and action.

Universitas (Spain)
Universitas was born out of the desire to find an answer to a question: since the university is the place where man’s reason is given value, how can a professor communicate the rationality of what he knows? This desire and the need to express it publicly gave rise to the work of a group of university professors, who, together with some doctoral candidates, formed an association recognized by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior in January 1998. Today Universitas is present and active in the most important universities in Madrid and in Spain.

YES - Youth Education Support
YES - Youth Education Support is a not-for-profit Association for social promotion established in 2002 for cultural and assistance purposes, the primary objective of which is to support the condition of students at every level in Italy and abroad. YES pursues three lines of intervention: awarding scholarships, supporting and building centers for education and formation, and managing a network between Italy and Latin America.

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